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Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.06.13 at 07:28

Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.06.05 at 07:08

Alright, I'm leaving from Tuesday(tomorrow) in the morning to Friday in the evening. Feel free to keep voting and I'll announce winners on Saturday. Have a good week everyone!



Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.06.01 at 19:17
Vote for the first place icon and the next theme. SNAZZY VOTINGCollapse )

Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.05.30 at 07:07
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Crazy enough, tomorrow is the 31st! My how the time has gone. Which means this is a warning that your icons for our first challenge Free For All are due tomorrow. We still have 6 entries. If we don't get more, we'll just vote for the first place icon. Let's get in some more!


Challenge #1 Reminder

Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.05.23 at 16:29
Hi everyone. This is your mid reminder to get in those Free For All icons. The deadline is Wednesday May 31st. It would great to get more!

Current Entries: 6

Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.05.17 at 07:03
Monday has come and passed but no last minute entries. I'm going to try one last time to see if we can do this first challenge of Free For All. An extension will be held for the 31st of May. Submit any icons to this screened post or to any reminders' posts. Have a great day =)



Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.05.13 at 10:02
Alright, I'm going to extend our first challenge until Monday because we have a lack of icons. I know everyone must be sooo busy with school etc. but please try to send in at least 1 icon.

Submit to this screened post.



Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.05.09 at 07:11
Hi guys. This is your reminder to get those Free For All icons in! The deadline is Friday! Submit your icons to this screened post. Don't forget!


First Challenge-Free For All

Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.05.05 at 07:02
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Alright guys, I think we're ready for the first challenge. In honour of it being our first, we're going to have a Free For All. Anything from National Treasure.

_You can submit up to 3 icons.
_Anything you submit HAS to be newly made. Don't post them anywhere else until the challenge ends.
_When posting, submit the icon & it's URL!
_Deadline is Friday, May 12th.




Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.04.30 at 16:35
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NT_ICONTEST IS NOW OPEN. I'm going to start advertising and once we get to 10 members we will start the first challenge! Please tell people about us!! If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

Posted by mrskenobi on 2006.04.29 at 18:49
Hello my name is Megan and I am the creator of this community. It will open shortly so please check back for updates.
Read more...Collapse )